Fountain Hills

Public Art Committee


Dori Wittrig, Chair

Sally Atchinson

Marty Brown

Carol Cunningham

Don Cunningham

Susan Jones

Jean Linzer

Jerry Miles

Sheila Nichols

Roy Nickel

Public Art in Fountain Hills

   Over the years, the Fountain Hills Public Art Committee and many other organizations have worked to create an excellent collection of public art.   ​    Pieces are located inside of the Fountain Hills Community Center, in the Town Hall, the Community Center Courtyard, in Fountain Park and else-where throughout the Town of Fountain Hills. Our goal is to create the finest collection of public art in the Southwestern United States, a goal which today, seems entirely possible.

How art is acquired

   Public art is acquired through two primary methods:

  1) by the active procurement of a specific work of art or the selection of an artist for a specific project, or

  2) as a result of a gift or loan whereby the Town becomes a beneficiary. It is the responsibility of The Public Art Committee to review and facilitate the proposed acquisition of art under either process. In addition, the Public Art Committee, usually working with the entire Cultural and Civic Association Board, or with other community organizations, takes a major role in raising funds for public art acquisition.

Criteria applied to art under consideration

   Regardless of the method of acquisition, there are certain fundamental criteria that will be universally applied to any work of art under con-sideration:

   * Artistic merit

   * Physical condition of the artwork

   * History and provenance of the artwork

   * Compatibility with the Town's public art program and collection

   * Availability of an appropriate siting location on Town property.

   * Requirements for installation, storage, and maintenance

   * Liability considerations and issues of public safety.