Wish Book

   The Public Art Committee maintains a "Wish Book" of items that we would like to acquire if and when we find a donor. If you have a special individual or event you would like to honor or remember, consider donating one of these works to our public art collection. Your donation is tax deductible, under the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. We cannot list prices here, but works in our collection have been acquired at prices ranging from $3,000 to $150,000.

   Or if you have an idea of something you would like to add to our collection, give us a call. Maybe we can find it for you.

   Call Committee Chair Sandi Thompson at 480-510-8973 or Jerry Miles at 480-518-5183.

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The Public Art Committee and its parent organization, the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association, is the official representative of the Town of Fountain Hills in all matters dealing with the promotion of public art within the Town of Fountain Hills.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Dori Wittrig, Cynthia Wolfe, Stan Connick, Brian Schader and Rachel Goodwin representing the Town of Fountain Hills.




Great blue heron through the ages

By James G. Moore