Our flat art collection

There are many paintings, photographs and other works of flat art located in the Community Center lobby and classrooms and in the Town Hall.

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Art in our


The L. Alan Cruikshank River of Time Mu-seum located in the library/museum building of the Town Plaza area, is a mag-nificent work of public art, with its out-standing displays of the history of this region. But the museum is also assembling a collection of outstanding paintings and sculptures.

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The Public Art Committee and its parent organization, the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association, is the official representative of the Town of Fountain Hills in all matters dealing with the promotion of public art within the Town of Fountain Hills.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Sally Atchinson, Marty Brown, Carol Cunningham, Susan Jones, Jean Linzer,  Jerry Miles, Sheila Nichols and Roy Nickel




Desert backyard—Four Peaks

By Justine Mantor-Waldie—a gift of the artist. Located in Town Hall. 2010